Friend Zarin comes from a long line of criminals, his father and both his grandfathers were thieves and it seemed only natural that Emil would follow in the family tradition. His family was always poor so even as a child he drifted into petty crime. The only problem was that he wasn't any good and he had more clouts around the ear than he had hot dinners.

Because of his looks and slight frame which he used to advantage when sneaking about, he got the nickname 'Genincik' (Turkish for Weasel). This gave him a certain notoriety and when he wasn't in some prison or other, he was much in demand as a sneak thief.

He is easily dominated and when Masterspy was seeking a henchman, he approached Zarin with a view to using him as an accomplice in his major dream, to steal Supercar.

Zarin has no hobbies but he has an ambition one day to be successful in his chosen career - crime.

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