Phil Rae's Supercar blueprint published originally in SIG #3 ©1981 Philip D. Rae. Scan courtesy of the Supermarionation Pages of Alex van der Wyck (a.k.a. J. Lester Novros II). Note that Phil Rae later revised this blueprint in 1983 and published this in a special pack of S.I.G. Blueprints. The revision had the white painted area on the underside of Supercar. Phil Rae in a personal communication to Austin Tate later said that he thought the size was slightly too large in the blueprint. A compromise blueprint reflecting the two different studio models would have the length be a little less than in the two blueprints published.

The earlier version of Phil Rae's blueprint for Supercar appeared in SIG magazine. It did not have the correct markings. A scan is available here.

Details from Supercar Pilot's Licence

The size of Supercar is the subject of controversy. Look at these specifications from Kimberly Murphy-Smith of Power Star Magazine and Walter Scott. Included there is a Plan from "Black Rock Research Laboratory" - Technical Profile C1959ITC - with colour details for Supercar.

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