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Supercar Specifications

Supercar Cockpit Drill and Take-off Procedure

  1. Check all switches are in the "off" position.
  2. Check fuel gauges for the amount of fuel in all tanks.
  3. Check all other instruments, Oxygen, Clear-vu, Temperature, and set all controls in the neutral position.
  4. To start port engine, switch to "charge" and wait for revolution counter to reach 15,000 r.p.m. before switching to "fire". Repeat for starboard engine. (It is possible to "charge and fire" both engines together but only in an emergency).
  5. Make sure that everything is clear of Supercar before selecting vertical take-off. (Full boost on take-off is only necessary when fully loaded).
  6. Select vertical take-off, open throttles, and when clear of any obstructions change to horizontal flight.

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Information provided from Supercar Pilot's Licence by Austin Tate <pilot no. 69147>

Scans of the licence in its clear plastic holder from David Hutchinson <pilot no. 65308>: part 1, part 2

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