MS Flight Sim - Blueprints

The Microsoft Flight Simulator/BAO Flight Shop Aircraft Factory 5 Supercar Test Flight Model was based on plans provided by Phil Rae. These were originally published in S.I.G. Magazine Issue No. 2, and later revised and issued as a set of S.I.G. Blueprints of Gerry Anderson craft by Fanderson.

A number of different models existed in the TV show with slightly different visual appearance. See this information for details of the various models.

The Test Flight Model is based on the S.I.G. Blueprints revision by Phil Rae, and incorporates some detailed changes suggested by Phil Rae subsequent to that date, based on his best intermediate estimate between the two TV show models.

A detailed 3-D Computer Model of Supercar, based on the same specificationas the Flight Simulator model is available at

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