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Initial list thanks to Question 36 of the Gerry Anderson FAQ from Kimberly Murphy-Smith of Power Star Magazine with subsequent additions. Most of the series' logos from Simon Wickes's TV Century 21 Site. Production dates and TV series and film synopses from the Fanderson Gold Convention Booklet, August 1996.

Also See: Most of the Gerry Anderson Web Sites listed above also have pages for the various series and films.

You've Never Seen This
TV documentary, Produced 1955, Not Broadcast
  • Documentary focussing on abnormalities and strange abilities
  • Directed by Gerry Anderson
  • Two episodes released on Network's "Presented in Supercolorisation" in 2022.
Here Comes Kandy
Pentagon Films - short puppet film in colour, Produced 1956
Martin Kane, Private Investigator - "Film Studio"
TV show, Produced 1957, First Broadcast 1957?
  • A case from the files of an American private eye living in London working closely with Scotland Yard
  • One episode of TV series, episode directed by Gerry Anderson
The Adventures of Twizzle
Produced 1956, First Broadcast 1957
Torchy The Battery Boy
Produced 1957, First Broadcast 1960
  • The adventures of a boy doll who travels by rocket to Topsy Turvy Land where toys can walk, animals can talk and cream buns grow on trees
  • First 26 episodes directed by Gerry Anderson
  • Torchy Page by Raoul
Four Feather Falls
Produced 1958-59, First Broadcast 1960
Crossroads to Crime
Film, Produced 1960, First Shown 1960?
  • Thriller - Young policeman discovers gang of hi-jackers operating from local café and decides to expose them as they plan their final robery, a £20,000 load of nickel alloy ingots
Produced 1959-60, First Broadcast 1961
Blue Cars Travel
Commercials, Produced 1960, First Broadcast 1960
  • Winner of Grand Prix Prize at the First British Television Commercials Award Ceremony in 1961.
Fireball XL5
Produced 1961-62, First Broadcast 1962
Produced 1962-64, First Broadcast 1964
Produced 1964-66, First Broadcast 1965 Thunderbirds Are Go
Film, Produced 1966, First Shown 1966 Thunderbird Six
Film, Produced 1967-68, First Shown 1968
  • SF Adventure - Lady Penelope travels the world aboard Brains' new airship, Skyship One, unaware that the entire crew are imposters plotting the downfall of International Rescue
  • Thunderbirds 2086 is an animated TV series produced in 1982 which is based on the Thunderbirds theme. Gerry Anderson was not involved in its production. Related web sites include:
  • Thunderbirds is a live action movie produced in 2003-4 based on the Thunderbirds theme. Gerry Anderson was not involved in its production. Related web sites include:
  • Concorde
    Filmed c.1965
    Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
    Produced 1966-67, First Broadcast 1967
    Candy and Andy
    Photo stories, Produced 1967-69, Not Broadcast
    Joe 90
    Produced 1967-68, First Broadcast 1968
    The Secret Service
    Produced 1968-69, First Broadcast 1969
    • Parish priest Father Unwin is an undercover agent for B.I.S.H.O.P. who carries out dangerous assignments using a minaturisation device to shrink his assistant, Matthew Harding, to puppet size
    Film, Produced 1968-69, First Shown 1969
    • Titled Journey to the Far Side of the Sun in USA.
    • SF Adventure - A two-man mission to a planet on the other side of the sun apparently ends prematurely when the astronauts return to Earth three weeks ahead of schedule
    • Doppelgänger Page, part of the Thunderbirds and Friends, German Fan Site by Micky Bister.
    Youth is Wasted on the Young
    Script in development, project not completed, 1969
    Produced 1969-70, First Broadcast 1970
    The Protectors
    Produced 1971-73, First Broadcast 1972
    The Investigator
    Pilot, 1972, Not Broadcast
    • The Investigator, a being from another galaxy, chooses a boy and a girl, John and Julie, to help right wrongs on Earth, miniaturising them to help them in their missions
    Produced 1973-76, First Broadcast 1975
    The Day After Tomorrow - "Into Infinity"
    TV Film, Produced 1975, First Broadcast 1976
    Intergalactic Rescue: Rescue 4
    Proposal, 1975, Not Broadcast
    • See Fanderson Design File 3 "The Unfilmed Projects" for information (also in S.I.G. Magazine No. 3, Autumn 1981)
    Proposal, 1976-78, Not Broadcast
    • See Fanderson Design File 3 "The Unfilmed Projects" for information
    • Airfix model kit produced for Starcruiser 1 vehicle
    • "Look-in" magazine comic strip
    Alien Attack
    Commercial, Produced 1977, First Broadcast 1977
    • Commercial for JIF Fruit Sauces
    Promotional Film, Scripted 1977
    Five Star Five
    Live Action Film Proposal, 1978, Not Broadcast
    • See Fanderson Design File 3 "The Unfilmed Projects" for information
    Operation Shockwave
    Film, Proposal c. 1980
    • Spy Thriller
    Produced 1983-84, First Broadcast 1983
    Space Police
    Pilot, Produced 1986, Not Broadcast
    • After 15 years as a New York street cop, Lt. Brogan is appointed commanding officer of Space Police Precinct 44, an intergalactic police corps fighting organised crime on alien worlds
    • The episode title of the untransmitted pilot for this series was Star Laws
    • Produced in modified form as Space Precinct in 1994
    • Space Police Page, part of the Thunderbirds and Friends - German Fan Site by Micky Bister.
    Dick Spanner P.I.
    Produced 1986-87, First Broadcast 1987
    • In a parallel universe to our own, wisecracking robot private detective Dick Spanner becomes involved in a series of increasingly bizarre cases
    • Dick Spanner Page by Adam Broom
    The Royal Bank of Scotland
    • Alberto Giacometti stick-figure style animation
    • Winner of Advertising Industry's Silver Arrow Award.
    Return to the Forbidden Planet
    Stage Show, Special Effects Film Sequences
    Swinton Insurance Thunderbirds
    Commercial, Produced 1991, First Broadcast 1991
    Calling Elvis
    Music video, Produced 1991, First Broadcast 1991
    • For Dire Straits
    G.F.I. - G-Force Intergalactic
    Pre-production, 1992-3, Not Broadcast
    • Animated series with production of one sample episode entitled "Warming Warning" taking place in Russia.
    Space Precinct
    Produced 1994-95, First Broadcast 1994
    • In the year 2040, the human, creon and tarn officers of Precinct 88 keep law and order in Demeter City on the planet Altor
    • Space Precinct Page by M.Miller
    • scifiGATE - Lookup Space Precinct
    Regor The Rescue Dog
    Book series, Produced 1996, Not Broadcast
    • Stories about a dog with sophisticated rescue equipment.
    Lavender Castle
    Produced 1997, First Broadcast 1998
    Pre-production 1999
    • A proposed live-action science-fiction series at an early stage of development.
    Produced 2002-3, First Broadcast 2003
    • A cel-animation (characters) mixed with CGI (craft) science-fiction series for japanese TV. Production began in February 2002, and was first broadcast in Japan starting 6th April 2003.
    • preview movie.
    • Based on an original idea by Gerry Anderson and John Needham. Character devlopment by Steve Kyte, craft developoment by Steven Begg.
    • Music composed and arranged by Fumitaka Anzai with details of his work at Anz's Home Page.
    • FireStorm Goods Shop FireStorm good and correctors items.
    Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet
    Produced 2003-5, First Broadcast 2005
    Thunderbirds Are Go
    Produced 2014-19, First Broadcast 2015-20
    • Model and CGI mix reboot of Thunderbirds, produced by Pukeko Pictures and Weta Workshop in New Zealand.
    • Thunderbirds Are Go.
    Produced 2016-18, First Broadcast 2018

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    Space Patrol

    Space Patrol (a.k.a. Planet Patrol in the USA) is a puppet series made by Roberta Leigh and Arthur Provis who worked on Twizzle and Torchy with Gerry Anderson. Gerry Anderson was not involved in the making of Space Patrol.

    Dan Dare

    Dan Dare is not related to Gerry Andderson, but will be familiar to GA fans from Eagle comic in the 1960s.
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