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Vue is a virtual educational and research institute bringing together all those
interested in the use of virtual worlds for teaching, research and outreach
related to the University of Edinburgh.

[ Virtual Worlds Technology Use in Vue (blog post 27-Apr-2018) ]
[ Second Life Grid Map, Map at Full Extent ] [ Virtual Graduations ]
[ OpenSimulator-based Openvue Grid, Openvue Map (Live)] ]
[ Processes&Guidelines, Tutorials, 4 page PDF Handout, PowerPoint Presentations, Posters, YouTube Video ]
[ Vue Mailing List - University of Edinburgh staff, students and visitors may join. Send a request to Austin Tate. ]
[ Archive of Internet Archive Way Back Machine (2022-03-07) ] [ AIAI Vue Project Mirror ]

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Accessibility: Vue's web site is an archive of materials developed over the period 1983 to 2019. If any content is causing accessibility issues, please contact
Austin Tate, Curator of the Vue web site, and he will try to provide the information in a form useful to you.

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