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Proposal from Austin Tate, AKT Project

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I have floated with several of you the idea of creating an "intelligent room" to act as a knowledge aid to support AKT teleconferencing and meetings initially but later to be a wider idea of providing a knowledge assistant in any location a user wishes via whatever presentation methods are appropriate. An initial focus could be simply to provide aids for use of E20 for AKT teleconferences and AKT project meetings. The project could be a good base for all sorts of plug in student projects too.

I wanted to give you some ideas on things we might look at to explore this idea...

Very interesting is that early in 2001 this software has been placed in the public domain. See the URL above for the rationale for this. This is VERY interesting, as we tried to get CVW for earlier collaboration work on a DARPA project involving Mitre, AIAI and others, and it could not be exported at that time. The project was to add a room agenda and share process knowledge between rooms to add semantics for collaborative processes and inter-room tasking, planning and operations management.

CVW is a collaboration software environment that provides a "virtual building" where teams can communicate, collaborate, and share information, regardless of their geographic location. CVW takes virtual meetings one step further and enables virtual co-location through persistent virtual rooms, each incorporating people, information, and tools appropriate to a task, operation, or service.

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