CoSAR-TS - Coalition Search and Rescue - Task Support

CoSAR-TS Introduction

The Coalition Search and Rescue Task Support (CoSAR-TS) demo showcases intelligent agents and artificial intelligence planning systems working over a computational grid in which different policies govern who can do what. The agents use semantic web services to dynamically discover medical information and to find local rescue resources.

The Objective is to study and develop a demonstrator for Task Support in a realistic and highly dynamic Coalition Search and Rescue scenario. Research at AIAI on I-X Task Support is linked with IHMC work on KAoS Agent Domain and Policy Management concepts. OWL representations, and OWL-S descriptions of agents and services are utilized. Feedback to the OWL-S and Semantic Web Services development community is being provided.

COSAR-TS is a DARPA DAML-program project to provide advanced capabilities linking models of organizational structures, policies, and doctrines with intelligent task support software. The work enables software and human agents to cooperate using a common shared intelligible model of tasks, processes, organizational structure, capabilities, agent status and presence, secure communication and access policies, authorities, and obligations. Preexisting ontologies (such as those provided in the DAML/OWL and DAML-S/OWL-S work) and tools (such as the CMU Matchmaker, CMU Notification Agent and BBN SONAT Elements of National Power Knowledge Base) are reused within the work - showing the value of semantically represented and shared models. The technology is demonstrated in the context of a coalition search and rescue scenario.

CoSAR-TS Intelligent Systems Demonstrator

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CoSAR-TS Resources

CoSAR-TS Project Members

The project involves:
  • AIAI, University of Edinburgh
    • Austin Tate (PI)
    • Jeff Dalton
    • Stuart Aitken
    • Associated Researcher: Stephen Potter
    • Associated Students: Natasha Lino, Clauirton Siebra
  • IHMC, University of West Florida
    • Jeff Bradshaw (Co-PI)
    • Andrzej Uszok
    • Associated Researchers: Renia Jeffers, Matt Johnson, Shriniwas Kulkarni, Niranjan Suri
    • Associated Students: Paul Chang
  • BBN Technologies
    • Mike Dean
    • Associated Researchers: Mark Wilcomb, Dave Rager
  • CMU
    • Fabien Gandon
    • Massimo Paolucci
    • Norman Sadeh
    • Katia Sycara
    • Jim Burdell (SAR Scenario specialist)
  • AFRL
    • Mark Gorniak (Project Monitor)

Sea Rescue: UK Search and Rescue of downed airmen by a Sea King helicopter [Photo by Austin Tate]

Sea Rescue: UK Combat Rescue at Sea by a Lynx helicopter over a Royal Navy P2000 fast patrol boat [Photo by Austin Tate]

Sea Rescue: A US HH-60G Pavehawk helicopter from the 56th Rescue Squadron, Keflavik NAS, Iceland, performs a rescue of a simulated downed airman off the coast of Iceland. During the rescue of the airman, a pararescueman jumps from the helicopter to help the survivor into the stretcher so he may be hoisted up. [U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Amn. Richard Kaminsky, from U.S. Air Force Photo Gallery]

Land Rescue: The US HH-60G's primary wartime mission is combat search and rescue, infiltration, exfiltration and resupply of special operations forces in day, night or marginal weather conditions. [US Air Force Photo Gallery]

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