AIAI2: AIAI's Office in Second Life

The Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute (AIAI) in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh has established an office in Second Life.

This is being used to explore persistent task-supporting intelligent agents, AI applications, AI technology transfer, collaborative working in virtual community sims, and to have a bit of fun. Watch this space for more details as the project continues.

A custom three zone building for the Institute has been designed, constructed and installed by Attim Hokkigai of Hokkigai Inc. This allows for:

  • A front office and reception area accessible to all
  • A limited seat virtual presentation room
  • A lounge, chill out and chat area
If you are interested contact Ai Austin, AIAI2 Director.
Some Useful links:

Update 2019: Note that the Vue region in Second Life, where the AIAI2 Offices were located, is no longer active. Other AI related regions below are left for archive interest, but may no longer be available. Vue and AIAI2 facilities are mostly replicated on the OpenSimulator-based Openvue grid.

Location Description SLurl Teleport
AIAI2 AIAI2 at Vue SLurl
Informatics informatics@edinburgh SLurl
Vue Virtual University of Edinburgh SLurl
Svarga A-Life SLurl
IBM Rational Robot Labyrinth SLurl
Help Island Revisit SLurl
NMC Campus New Media Consortium Campus SLurl
NASA Space CoLab SLurl
Weather Weather Island SLurl
Hokkigai, Inc. Hokkigai Building Services SLurl

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