Setting Up and Using an I-Room in Second Life

Tutorial from Ai Austin.
  1. Download and install the Second Life Viewer.
  2. If you do not already have a Second Life avatar (which represents you in the Virtual World) then create one.
  3. Launch the Second life Viewer, login with your avatar details, check you can access Second Life through your computer and firewall, and make sure you understand the basic controls.
  4. Once you are ready, try to make your way to a sample I-Room inside the AIAI2 Office which is already set up on the Virtual University of Edinburgh (Vue). Click on the link below to get there via an "SLurl" - a Second life URL - which is a convenient way to give a Second life location on a web page.
  5. Test Video and Audio Streaming Works - Can be set to autoplay - To be added.
  6. Set up I-Room helper and screens - To be added.

Please send any comments to Ai Austin. Updated: Thu Nov 13 10:08:34 2008