Package inf.compilers

Interface Summary
SyntaxAdaptable This interface declares an instance to have one or more external syntactical representations, which is given by a sequence of characters.
SyntaxAdaptor<R extends SyntaxAdaptable> This interface represents an adaptor between an internal Java object that exists in memory and an external representation of this object as a sequence of characters.

Class Summary
LexicalAnalyzer This class is a relatively simple lexical analyzer that can be used to break a given input stream of characters into tokens.
LexicalAnalyzer.AlternativesNode This class represents an alternatives node in a regular expression tree.
LexicalAnalyzer.CharClassNode This class represents a character class node in a regular expression tree.
LexicalAnalyzer.FixedStringNode This class represents a fixed string of characters.
LexicalAnalyzer.RegexNode Regular expressions are internally represented as trees.
LexicalAnalyzer.RptExprNode This class represents a repetition node in a regular expression tree.
LexicalAnalyzer.SequenceNode This class represents a sequence node in a regular expression tree.
LexicalAnalyzer.SingleCharNode This class represents a single character node in a regular expression tree.
LexicalAnalyzer.TokenType This class represents a single token type.
SyntaxAdaptorRegistry This class can be used to specify the SyntaxAdaptors that are to be used for a given combination of an internal representation class and an external syntactical language.
XmlAdaptor<R extends SyntaxAdaptable> This class represents a SyntaxAdaptor that translates between an internal representation class R and an external representation which is a sequence of characters.

Exception Summary
ExpressivenessException This type of Exception will be thrown during a translation by a SyntaxAdaptor if the target representation is not expressive enough for the current content.