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Uses of Goal in ai.planning.strips

Fields in ai.planning.strips declared as Goal
protected  Goal Problem.goal
          the goal condition to be achieved

Methods in ai.planning.strips that return Goal
 Goal Goal.clone()
           This function creates a copy of this Goal.
 Goal Problem.getGoal()
           This function returns the goal conditions that define this Problem.
protected static Goal PddlProblemAdaptor.parseGoalNB(inf.compilers.LexicalAnalyzer scanner, java.util.Properties props, PddlDomainAdaptor.ParsingContext context)
           ::= ":goal" '(' ')' next token must be closing bracket!
 Goal Goal.regress(Action action, Domain domain)
           This function computes a new Goal that is the result of regressing this Goal through the given Action.

Methods in ai.planning.strips with parameters of type Goal
 boolean Goal.equals(Goal goal)

Constructors in ai.planning.strips with parameters of type Goal
Problem(Domain d, WorldState s0, Goal g)
           This constructor creates a new planning problem over the given domain.