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Packages that use TruthValue

Uses of TruthValue in ai.krr.propositions

Fields in ai.krr.propositions declared as TruthValue
static TruthValue TruthValue.FALSE
          the TruthValue for FALSE
static TruthValue TruthValue.TRUE
          the TruthValue for TRUE

Methods in ai.krr.propositions that return TruthValue
 TruthValue TruthValue.clone()
           This class does not really support cloning and this object will be returned.
protected  TruthValue XplSentenceAdaptor.parseTruthValue(org.w3c.dom.Element node)

Methods in ai.krr.propositions with parameters of type TruthValue
 int TruthValue.compareTo(TruthValue other)
           This function compares this TruthValue to the given TruthValue.
protected  org.w3c.dom.Element XplSentenceAdaptor.generateTruthValueNode(org.w3c.dom.Document doc, TruthValue tValue, java.util.Set<NameSpace> nss)
static void KifSentenceAdaptor.writeTruthValue(TruthValue tValue, w, java.util.Properties props)
           This function writes the given TruthValue to the given Writer.