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Uses of NegatedSentence in ai.krr.fol

Methods in ai.krr.fol that return NegatedSentence
 NegatedSentence NegatedSentence.clone()
           Cloning a NegatedSentence returns a new NegatedSentence containing the same contained Sentence.
 NegatedSentence NegatedSentence.clone(Substitution s)
           Returns a deep copy of this NegatedSentence with Variables replaced according to the given Substitution.
protected  NegatedSentence XfolSentenceAdaptor.parseNegatedSentence(org.w3c.dom.Element node, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,NameSpace> proxies)

Methods in ai.krr.fol with parameters of type NegatedSentence
 int NegatedSentence.compareTo(NegatedSentence other)
           This function compares this NegatedSentence to the given NegatedSentence.
 boolean NegatedSentence.equals(NegatedSentence other)
           A NegatedSentence is equal to another NegatedSentence that contains an equal Sentence.
protected  org.w3c.dom.Element XfolSentenceAdaptor.generateNegatedSentenceNode(org.w3c.dom.Document doc, NegatedSentence stmt, java.util.Set<NameSpace> nss)
protected static void KifSentenceAdaptor.prettyPrintNegatedSentence(int indent, NegatedSentence stmt, w, java.util.Properties props)
           This function pretty-prints the given NegatedSentence to the given Writer.
protected static void KifSentenceAdaptor.writeNegatedSentence(NegatedSentence stmt, w, java.util.Properties props)
           This function writes the given NegatedSentence to the given Writer.