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Uses of ConnectedSentence in ai.krr.fol

Subclasses of ConnectedSentence in ai.krr.fol
 class BinaryConnectedSentence
           This class represents a Sentence that consists of a Connective that connects two sub-Sentences.

Methods in ai.krr.fol that return ConnectedSentence
 ConnectedSentence ConnectedSentence.clone()
           This function generates a shallow copy of this ConnectedSentence.
 ConnectedSentence ConnectedSentence.clone(Substitution s)
           Returns a copy of this Sentence with Variables replaced according to the given Substitution.
protected  ConnectedSentence XfolSentenceAdaptor.parseConnectedSentence(org.w3c.dom.Element node, java.util.Map<java.lang.String,NameSpace> proxies)

Methods in ai.krr.fol with parameters of type ConnectedSentence
 int ConnectedSentence.compareTo(ConnectedSentence other)
           This function compares this ConnectedSentence to the given ConnectedSentence.
 int BinaryConnectedSentence.compareTo(ConnectedSentence other)
          This function compares this BinaryConnectedSentence to the given ConnectedSentence.
 boolean ConnectedSentence.equals(ConnectedSentence other)
           This function tests whether this and the given Object are equal.
 boolean BinaryConnectedSentence.equals(ConnectedSentence other)
           This function tests whether this and the given Object are equal.
protected  org.w3c.dom.Element XfolSentenceAdaptor.generateConnectedSentenceNode(org.w3c.dom.Document doc, ConnectedSentence stmt, java.util.Set<NameSpace> nss)
(package private) static java.util.List<java.util.List<Literal>> ConnectedSentence.multiplyS(java.util.List<java.util.List<Literal>> nf, ConnectedSentence lits)
          This function multiplies the given List of List of Literals with the given ConnectedSentence.
protected static void KifSentenceAdaptor.prettyPrintConnectedSentence(int indent, ConnectedSentence stmt, w, java.util.Properties props)
           This function pretty-prints the given ConnectedSentence to the given Writer.
protected static void KifSentenceAdaptor.writeConnectedSentence(ConnectedSentence stmt, w, java.util.Properties props)
           This function writes the given ConnectedSentence to the given Writer.