Supercar Cutaway and Schematics

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  • Supercar
  • Created by: Shane Pickering with technical assistance from Austin Tate
  • Created in: Cinema 4D, Freehand, Photoshop
  • Details of Current Model

    Summary of Supercar Schematics MS Word .docx, PDF, PNG.
    An image of the cutaway shell of Supercar is here and a drop-shadow version of the vehicle image is here.
    A PDF file with more internal details and schematics is available here.
    Details of Supercar flight control plans are available here.
    Dash details are available here with additional notes relating this to the TV shows and annuals here.
    Convenient download of most recent schematics documents [2.6MB Zip File]

    Details of Construction of Cutaway

    Images from the construction phases of the cutaway are available here.
    High resolution images and blueprints of the Supercar 3D model used are available here.

    Supercar Brochure

    A project to produce a glossy brochure on Supercar - similar to an aircraft or car manufacturer's brochure is being considered. This could include the Supercar cutaway, blueprints, technical details and a set of "promotional" images. The following images have been suggested as candidates for inclusion in the brochure.
    There she is Mike - Supercar!
    Austin Tate, Cinema 4D
    View from the pilot's seat
    Austin Tate, Cinema 4D
    Roof doors open. Select vertical boost.
    Austin Tate, Cinema 4D

    Supercar - to the rescue!
    Austin Tate, Cinema 4D
    It travels in space
    Austin Tate, Cinema 4D
    or under the sea
    Austin Tate, Cinema 4D

    or roams the skies
    Mick Imrie, Bryce 3D
    Valley Run
    Mateen Greenway, 3D Studio Max
    Return to Black Rock Lab
    Austin Tate, Cinema 4D

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