XSPAN: A Cross-Species Anatomy Network

Jonathan Bard, Bonnie Webber and Stuart Aitken @ University of Edinburgh
Albert Burger, Aba-Sah Dadzie, Kenneth McLeod, Werner Nutt, Gus Ferguson, and Patrik Holt @ Heriot-Watt University
Main Project Website: www.xspan.org
Summary: XSPAN is a BBSRC-funded project that is making use of anatomies of model species, together with cell-type knowledge defined in ontologies, as the basis for describing cross-species mappings which identify homologous tissues. Knowledge of analogous and homologous tissues in different species can be used in investigations of gene expression.

COBrA - An Ontology Browser for Anatomy

COBrA is an ontology browser and editor for GO and OBO ontologies. It has been specifically designed to be usable by biologists to create links between ontologies, and has the following  features:



  • allows drag-and-drop editing of GO ontologies
  • supports mapping between two ontologies
  • supports translation to OWL and other Semantic Web languages

COBrA allows the user to manually create links between terms in two ontologies. For example, links between tissues in an anatomy and the cell types of the tissues can be recorded and stored: these links are referred to as mappings.

COBrA supports reading and writing files in the following formats:

COBrA also supports the manipulation and analysis of ontologies, for example, merging, inference and validation, see the User Guide for more details.

Download COBrA Please note that COBrA needs Java 1.4 to run.

Dr Stuart Aitken
Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute
The University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh EH8 9LE
Email: stuart@aiai.ed.ac.uk

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