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The Workshop for Edinburgh Work on Rich Plan, Process
and Activity Representations and Their Uses

Comments - from Jean Carletta  

I think there are two areas of overlap between my interests and the
work in AIAI in this area:  

1. the possible development of a better tool for the design of spoken
dialogue systems which draws on standards in representing plans and
processes (for the tool I described, see ; and 

2. work on business process modelling which integrates our
understanding of the properties of group communication (see, papers in
Psychological Science, Small Group Research, and Ergonomics).    

 References - from Austin Tate 

 1. Roots of SPAR - an overview of most AI work in plan
    representations and its relationship to some early standard
    activities beyond the AI community.  This paper is in a special
    issue on ontologies in Knowledge Engineering Review. This is also
    on line at 

    SPAR sentences - the short sentence level version 0.2 of SPAR - at

 2. Papers on our own approach to representing process, activities and
    plans as a set of constraints on behaviours which we call
    I-N-OVA (pronounced as in "innovate").  See the overview at  

    and from AIPS-96 on-line at

 3. Process Interchange Format document from Knowledge Engineering
    Review - the same issue as the Roots of SPAR paper. In the
    Knowledge Engineering Review, Vol. 13(1), pp. 121-128, Special
    Issue on "Putting Ontologies to Use" (eds. Uschold, M. and Tate,
    A.), Cambridge University Press. 

 4. NIST PSL Overview:

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