EuroKnowledge Initiative

EuroKnowledge is a European IT initiative which aims to co-ordinate and encourage standardisation activities in the area of knowledge technology. EuroKnowledge views its role as a focal point for the consolidation of common views and best practice from knowledge technology users, theorists, and tool vendors. More than 150 organisations, from both industry and academia, have expressed interest in and/or volunteered effort to EuroKnowledge.

The current focus of the initiative is on establishing recommendations on standards for modelling knowledge at a conceptual level, independent of implementation concerns - this is often referred to as knowledge-level modelling.

The activities of the initiative are based around a number of Actions with input from volunteers. A EuroKnowledge Project (ESPRIT P9806) has been established to help coordinate the Actions, consolidate the inputs, disseminate the results and liaise with appropriate standardisation bodies. It is hoped that a non-profit international association, known as the EuroKnowledge Association, will be established to bring together organisations interested in the EuroKnowledge initiative.

EuroKnowledge Initiative

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