Function Sale-Vendor

Slots on function Sale-Vendor:

Arity: 2
The Legal-Entity in a Sale that agrees to exchange a Product for a Sale Price.
Domain: Sale
Instance-Of: Binary-Relation, Function, Relation, Set
Range: Legal-Entity

Other Related Equivalence Axioms for Sale-Vendor:

(<=> (Vendor ?X)
     (Or (Exists (?Sale) (Sale-Vendor ?Sale ?X))
         (Exists (?For-Sale) (For-Sale-Vendor ?For-Sale ?X))))

Other Related Axioms for Sale-Vendor:

(Inherited-Facet-Value Slot-Cardinality Sale Sale-Vendor 1)

(Inherited-Facet-Value Minimum-Slot-Cardinality Sale Sale-Vendor 0)