CoAX Binni 2002
CoAX   Coalition Agents eXperiment
  Coalition Starter Pack

This page provides a number of resources to assist a new country to join and participate in a coalition force. It is provided as part of the Coalition Agents eXperiment (CoAX) Binni 2002 demonstration (see which is part of the DARPA Control of Agent Based Systems Research Program (see or

Item Description Suggested Usage
CoABS Grid Install CoABS Grid Middleware
CoABS Grid Agent Wrappers Use one of the CoABS Grid Wrapping toolkits to create an interface between your agents or services and other agents on the CoABS Grid
I2AT - CoABS Interoperable Intelligent Agent Toolkit Use one of the CoABS Grid Wrapping toolkits to create an interface between your agents or services and other agents on the CoABS Grid
KAoS Domain Management Agent Wrappers Use the KAoS Agent Wrapping toolkit to create an interface to an agent already running on the CoABS Grid in order that it can participate in secure and mediated communications with other "Domain-aware" components over the CoABS Grid
Decision Desktop Use Decision Desktop to provide a flexible, customisable tool that augments decision-makers' cognition by enabling them to acquire, visualise and manipulate diverse and dynamic information - however they wish and whenever they need it.
I-X Process Panels Install an I-X Process Panel on the CoABS Grid to establish messaging and task-oriented communications with other coalition participants
Information Broker Agent Toolkit Use the Information Broker Agent Toolkit to assist in information source discovery and sharing between agents
OpenMap Use maps and terrain data
Briefing Aid: Knowledge Management Book Use the Verona Knowledge Management Book briefing tool to share collect and present briefing materials
Coalition Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Consider appropriate standard operating procedures and approaches as advocated by MPAT (the Multi-national Planning Augmentation Team) for multi-national forces - especially those available for operations other than war

CoABS Grid:
CoABS Grid Agent Wrappers:
I2AT - CoABS Interoperable Intelligent Agent Toolkit:
KAoS Domain Management Agent Wrappers:
QinetiQ Decision Desktop:
I-X Process Panels:
Information Broker Agent Toolkit:
Briefing Aid: Knowledge Management Book:
Coalition Guidance Documents and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP):


Supported by The Technical Cooperation Program,
United States Air Force Research Laboratory/Information Directorate, Rome Research Site,
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency,
UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory,
Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia