Java CBR Shell

Download the CBR Shell The CBR Shell is now available by Click-Thru Licensing

The CBR Shell is also available as an Applet, capable of uploading casebases over the web.

The tool is a prototype that demonstrates the potential for CBR, and has these features:

The CBR Shell displays a simple summary as cases are processed. This screenshot shows the analysis of the Iris database.

In this screen shot, Case 139 is correctly classified as Iris-virginica as a majority of the 5 nearest cases are Iris-virginica. The overall accuracy of classification is approximately 95% at this point in the casebase, given the specified settings.

The Genetic Algorithm weight learning module is fully integrated with the CBR,  the user can modify the default settings at will:


Learning enhances classification accuracy, and learned weights can be stored and reused.

The Java CBR Shell is a reimplementation of the original shell idea. It is not as fully-featured as the original, but has a more efficient implementation.

More Information and Downloads

The AIAI CBR Tools are available in demonstration form - some features are disabled.

For more information or to request access to the demonstration version for research or academic purposes, please contact AIAI.

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