Current Research Interests


My main concern is  on making and using bio-ontologies ) for anatomy and cell biology. Ontologies are structured hierarchies of domains of knowledge that allow reasoning and are used for annotating information in databases (e.g. linking gene expression to tissues)

I am currently upgrading the ontology of human developmental anatomy (with Prof. Susan Lindsay, Newcastle) and of mouse developmental anatomy (with the Bioinformatics Groups at the MRC Human Genetics Unit, Edinburgh, UK, and the Mouse informatics Group at the Jackson laboratory, Maine, USA)

I am chair of the Advisory Board for the EU-funded STORE project which aims to facilitate the archiving and sharing of legacy radiobiological data and material

I also work with 

Systems Biology

I am pursuing the idea that, where a developmental event takes place in more than one place in an organism, it requires the same molecular network.

I am working with Professor Denis Noble and colleagues in Oxford on the conceptual foundations of systems work

History of Biology

I am exploring the implications of systems biology thinking on Lamarckian evolution