Welcome to the COBrA-Views project

Due to a hardware failure, the BioSphere portal is currently unavailable.

A demo version of the OBO Editor interface can be tried out here.
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The COBrA-Views project continues our research into the versioning, sharing and collaborative development of bio-ontologies.

The COBrA-Views project has developed:

COBrA-Views began on 1/3/2008 and is led by Dr Stuart Aitken and Prof Jonathan Bard. More details of the planned research can be found in this report.

A recent poster reports on the progress to date: Biocuration Conference 2009.

The BioSphere demonstration portal (01) is available for download. This GridSphere portlet shows how an eXist XML database, OGSA-DAI middleware, and the GridSphere portal can be integrated. This design also uses the Spring framework and the Dojo javascript toolkit.

COBrA Curation Tool

The COBrA-Views project continues work initiated in the COBrA-CT project which addressed the re-formatting, editing and version management problems that arise when bio-ontologies are converted to the Web Ontology Language (OWL).