Dizzy Beats:
Parameter inference and model comparison in computational systems biology

DizzyBeats-beta available for download
i) Java jar application
(all platforms)
ii) Mac OS X application

The interface of Dizzy has been revised to show the model in the left panel and the simulator controls in the right panel. This allows models to be edited without moving between windows. A new histogram display has been added. BBSRC

A simulated annealing algorithm allows selected model parameters to be fitted to data. A generic likelihood function based on the L1 norm is used to assess fit, this requires only that there be two or more replicates in the data for each data series. The Simulation panel allows data to be loaded, data must be formatted in the commonly-used CSV format. BBSRC

Nested sampling performs the Bayesian Evidence calculation for model comparison, and generates estimates of the parameter means and standard deviations. As with the optimiser, the likelihood function requires only that there be two or more replicates in the data. The Inference panel allows the data to be loaded and inspected, and displays diagnostic information as nested sampling runs. Users can monitor the gain in log likelihood, the gain (then loss) in the log width associated with each posterior sample, and can view the pattern of posterior parameter values. These plots are updated as the algorithm runs, and the user can inspect any element of the posterior data using the GUI. BBSRC