Dr John Levine is an Informatics Research Fellow working on evolutionary computation and AI planning systems. His current research program consists of applying evolutionary search and learning techniques to AI planning problems, applying evolutionary and adaptive computation techniques to real-world problems, and mixed-initiative systems for planning and optimisation. He has an MA in Computer Science, an MPhil in Computer Speech and Language Processing, and a PhD in Computer Science, all from the University of Cambridge. He is a member of the EPSRC Review College 2003-05, a member of the review board of Applied Intelligence Journal and was the chair of the PLANSIG 2001 conference on AI Planning and Scheduling systems. He has taught a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and commercial courses in Artificial Intelligence, including Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming, Common Lisp, Planning and Search, Knowledge Representation, Fuzzy Logic and Practical Reasoning Methodologies.

Recent Publications

Learning Action Strategies for Planning Domains using Genetic Programming
(talk given at EvoSTIM'03, 14th April 2003)

Inferring Gene Networks from Microarray Data using a Hybrid GA
(talk given at EvoBIO'03, 14th April 2003)

Ant Colony Optimization and Aggressive Local Search applied to Bin Packing and Cutting Stock Problems
(talk given at Informatics Jamboree, 23rd May 2002)

Modern Planning Techniques
(talk given at PEAPod Workshop, 27th August 2001)

Curriculum Vitae


PLANET: European Network of Excellence in AI Planning

EvoNet: European Network of Excellence in Evolutionary Computing

Some recent and current projects:
The Coalition Agents Experiment (CoAX)
The O-Plan Project
The GhostWriter Project
The CORECT Project
The IDAS Project

Some useful links:
The University of Edinburgh
Department of Artificial Intelligence
Natural Language Generation in Scotland

AIAI Artificial Intelligence Applications Institute