Supercar for Orbiter

Austin Tate <> 21-Aug-2005


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Supercar for Orbiter
Download the Supercar for Orbiter distribution from this site and follow the instructions below.

To use Supercar in Orbiter unzip the files into the Orbiter base directory. The files will then be placed into their appropriate places as follows:

  1. Supercar.msh in the Meshes directory
  2. Supercar.cfg in the Config directory
  3. *.dds files in the Textures directory
  4. *.scn files in a Supercar directory within the Scenarios directory
  5. The introductory Supercar-Orbiter.html file and a Supercar-Build directory will be in the main Orbiter directory.
Now run Orbiter and select one of the Supercar scenarios. The distributed .scn file for Final Appoarch to KSC does not work with Orbiter 2010. Use the replacement available at (file Supercar on Final Approach to KSC.scn).

Build Directory

Supercar.3ds is a 3DS mesh exported from a Supercar model created in Flight Simulator Design Studio (see using the DXF format exporter from CVA Plugins by Jioi Masnik (<> - and then modified in Cinema 4D and exported to .3DS format from there.

The original 3D models are at and the Supercar Microsoft Flight Simulator model at

The Cinema 4D and 3DS models used as the basis of the Orbiter model mesh are in the Build directory of the distribution for future work. They include retracted wings and a number of other parts that still need work.

The 3DS model was converted to Supercar.msh using the 3ds2msh utility from the Orbiter Add-Ons sites.

The material and textures list at the end of the converted .msh file was amended manually to be as shown in materials.txt file in this directory.

The main body textures still need work. But the BMP versions are included in the build directory for later work.


27-May-2002Initial Release
29-Apr-2003Fixed "Supercar at ISS.scn" scenario to provide some startup fuel. Thrusters did not work otherwise.
21-Aug-2005Updated scenarios for 2005 version of Orbiter. Restructured ZIP release file to unzip into standard Orbiter locations.

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