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Startup Situation

The startup situation is at Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA on 15-Oct-97. This is set to N41* 00.00' W119* 00.44', alt. 4054ft. (3855ft. prior to FS2000) heading 270 degrees.
  1. The wings are extended for horizontal flight (Flaps are up).
  2. Ground effect is enabled (Gear is down).
NAV1 is set to the VOR to 117.90 for Mustang (FMG) North East of Reno. The ATIS at set to a frequency of 135.80 for Reno/Tahoe International, Nevada, USA (N39*29.92, W119*46.37, alt. 4412 ft.) - note ATIS has limited range and direct line of sight transmission and so is blocked by hills.

Supercar Challenge - GPS Routing for FS2000

The following GPS routing can be downloaded as file "Supercar-Challenge.PLN" (provided with the Supercar distribution from release 2.1 onwards) and loaded into the Flight Planner to use with the GPS panel.

description=NV05, NV05
departure_id=NV05, N41* 7.70', W119* 8.19', +004149.99
destination_id=NV05, N41* 7.70', W119* 8.19', +004149.99
departure_name=Black Rock Desert
destination_name=Black Rock Desert
waypoint.0=NV05, A, N41* 7.70', W119* 8.19', +004149.99,
waypoint.1=K2FMG, V+LOCWAY, N39* 31.88', W119* 39.36', +000000.00,
waypoint.2=KRNO, A, N39* 30.80', W119* 46.15', +004410.99,
waypoint.3=K2OAK, V+LOCWAY, N37* 43.56', W122* 13.41', +000000.00,
waypoint.4=KSFO, A, N37* 36.82', W122* 21.46', +000011.00,
waypoint.5=K2SAU, V+LOCWAY, N37* 51.32', W122* 31.37', +000000.00,
waypoint.6=KHAF, A, N37* 31.11', W122* 30.39', +000067.00,
waypoint.7=KMRY, A, N36* 35.46', W121* 51.37', +000254.00,
waypoint.8=K2BSR, V+LOCWAY, N36* 10.88', W121* 38.53', +000000.00,
waypoint.9=KLAS, A, N36* 4.54', W115* 10.19', +002179.00,
waypoint.10=K2GCN, V+LOCWAY, N35* 57.62', W112* 8.76', +000000.00,
waypoint.11=KGCN, A, N35* 56.60', W112* 9.39', +006604.99,
waypoint.12=KLAS, A, N36* 4.54', W115* 10.19', +002179.00,
waypoint.13=MCY, N, N36* 37.65', W116* 1.65', +000000.00,
waypoint.14=NV05, N41* 7.70', W119* 8.19', +004149.99,

Supercar Challenge

It is 15-Oct-97. As a challenge try the following:
  1. Take off from Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA
  2. Watch out for Thrust SSC achieving the first supersonic world land speed record at the Black Rock Desert on 15-Oct-97. If you fancy taking Thrust SSC for a spin yourself - see here.
  3. Head roughly South (heading approximately 180 degrees).
  4. Acquire the VOR at Mustang to head towards Reno.
  5. Land at Reno/Tahoe International. Try an ILS approach perhaps.
  6. Take off and head SW (heading approximately 225 degrees).
  7. Acquire the VOR at Oakland (OAK) and head towards it.
  8. Land at San Francisco International - possibly on runway 28R. Good instrument landing and runway lighting aids are available on this runway, so perhaps try a low visibility approach. Set up for 5 miles visibility.
  9. Set the weather to clear again, take off, and take a spin over San Francisco.
  10. Fly over Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate Bridge.
  11. Fly to the South along the Pacific coastline past Santa Cruz and across the bay to Monterey.
  12. Acquire the VOR at Big Sur and fly down the coastline to approximately latitude N36 degrees.
  13. Head East (heading 90 degrees) towards Las Vegas. This is a long trip, so you may want to speed up the simulation rate when you have the course set.
  14. Tune in to the VOR at Las Vegas and head there.
  15. It should be getting late now, so set up for night flying.
  16. Fly down the strip from the Stratosphere tower in the North to the Luxor Hotel pyramid.
  17. Land at Las Vegas and take a well earned overnight break - possibly at the Hard Rock Las Vegas Hotel
  18. Side Trip - if you have extra time, try this side trip...
  19. Take off from Las Vegas, and see the Strip from the air in daylight.
  20. Heading approximately NW, acquire and fly over the NDB station at Mercury, Nevada. You are not far from the fabled Area 51 around Groom Lake here. See the additional Supercar Area 51 Challenge. Some of the folks on the ground may report Supercar as an UFO!
  21. Continue to head in a NE direction, towards Reno at first. Another long trip, so set the autopilot for this leg.
  22. Land back at Black Rock Laboratory, Black Rock Desert.

Airports and NavAids Information

Some useful airport and navigational aid information follows. This is from Microsoft Flight Simulator references and is not to be used for real flight purposes of course.

StateCityAirport NameIdent.Lat. Long.HeightILS Freq. + RunwayATIS Freq.
NVBlack Rock DesertBlack Rock Laboratory  N41*00.00'W119*00.44'4054ft.*   
NVRenoReno/Tahoe InternationalRNO N39*29.77'W119*46.07'4412ft. 16R-110.90135.80
CASan FranciscoSan Francisco InternationalSFO N37*37.12'W122*22.53'11ft. 19L-108.90
NVLas VegasMcCarran InternationalLAS N36*05.50'W115*09.63'2175ft. 25L-111.75
AZGrand CanyonGrand Canyon National ParkGCN N35*57.08'W112*08.49'6606ft. 03-108.90124.30

* Black Rock Laboratory is at a Flight Simulator level of 3855ft. in versions of Flight Simulator prior to the inclusion of genuine elevation data in FS2000.

StateLocation NameIdent.TypeFreq. Lat.Long.HeightMagnetic Variation
NVMustangFMGVORTAC117.90 N39*31.87'W119*39.36'5940ft.E16*
CAOaklandOAKVOR-DME116.80 N37*43.50'W122*13.41'10ft.E17*
CASan FranciscoSFOVORTAC115.80 N37*37.17'W122*22.43'9ft.E17*
CABig SurBSRVORTAC114.00 N36*10.87'W121*38.52'4083ft.E16*
NVLas VegasLASVORTAC116.90 N36*04.78'W115*09.58'2138ft.E15*
AZGrand CanyonGCNVOR-DME113.10 N35*57.62'W112*08.76'6668t.E15*
NVMercuryMCYNDB326.00 N36*37.64'W116*01.65'

Height & Speed Records

How high and how fast can you get Supercar to go? In all cases you must recover to a safe speed and altitide without crashing the vehicle! Watch out for supersonic shock waves at high speeds, and craft damage or pilot blackout at high stress levels when pulling out of a dive.

You must use the standard flight dynamics in one of the Supercar releases. If you use modified flight dynamics, pelase say what you modified ort provide the .air file explicitly. Records using any modifications to the flight dynamics will be listed below as "special records".

Current Height Records:

Current Speed Records:

Special Records:

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