Supercar Theme Song

Barry Gray, circa 1959, (c) ATV Music Ltd.
Performed by Micheal Sammes (Season One) and the The Micheal Sammes Singers (Season Two).

Season One

Season Two - changes in bold

The Wonder Machine of Supercar

A Poem by Austin Tate, circa 1961!

The wonder machine of Supercar,
The wonder man of Mike,
Oh, what a lot of adventures,
He's never had to hike.

The wonder machine of Supercar,
The marvel of the age,
Its such a lot to talk about,
He never gets a wage.

The wonder machine of Supercar,
It flies in the air,
It journeys underwater,
and it can travel anywhere.

Mike is the pilot,
Beaker, he designed,
Popkiss is the maker,
Oh, what a lucky find.

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