Supercar Control Plans


These Supercar Control Plans are proposed by Austin Tate to be as compatible as possible with the TV Shows, other published material on Supercar, and work on a set of internal schematics for Supercar.
Supercar operates in any of a set of "Control Plans" which set up the various systems such as hydraulics, valves, ramgates, instruments, sensors and control computers to respond in appropriate ways to the environment and the pilot's (or remote console's) control inputs.

The Control Plans are selected by the Control Plan Selector (CPS) which operates in steps (each of which click into position and engage quite firmly). There is an off position at the top, and 8 flight plans below that. The positions inform the control computers and do not mechanically go through the intermediate modes when a new selection is made. Safety constraints within the control computers ensure that inappropriate modes cannot be selected.

There are 8 Control Plan Indicators (CPI) on the dash panel, one of which lights up to show which control plan is active. Other permitted modes that can be simultaneously used may also be indicated.

The Control Plans are configurable and can be uploaded to the control computers in advance or even dynamically during a mission. However, there is a "standard" set of usual assignments for these which is the default if no mission specific set is installed.

Plan Number Full Name Short Name Used by Pilot Description
Plan 1 Standby Plan Off Supercar set to its parked mode, minimal power use.
Plan 2 Vertical Flight Plan Vertical Vertical takeoff, ascent, descent and landing mode.
Plan 3 Horizontal Flight PlanHorizontalNormal horizontal flight.
Plan 4 Surface Effect Plan Ground or Surface Surface skimming mode over land or water.
Plan 5 Air to Marine Dive Plan Dive Set up for high speed water entry. Automatically switches to Marine Plan on surface penetration.
Plan 6 Marine Plan Underwater Set up for submerged operations and instruments.
Plan 7 Marine to Air Launch Plan Launch A very complex plan that allows for a ballistic launch of Supercar from underwater. Automatically switches to Horizontal Flight Plan on surface penetration.
Plan 8 Space Flight Plan Space Stratospheric and space flight plan.

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