Supercar 3-D CAD Models - User Guide

A 3-D Model Supercar and related items by Mick Imrie ( with assistance from Austin Tate (

An Acrobat PDF Document describing the Black Rock Laboratory 3D Interior Model is available here.

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The models and examples images are available via the Supercar 3-D Model Home Page.

The notes here may help you get the most from the models, and to use them in your own projects.

Supercar Model User Guide

The model has some features which can be enabled and disabled for display:

  1. The top part of the canopy can be turned on or off.
  2. The wings can be set in either the extended or retracted position (turn one off and the other on). To animate the wings, use the extended version and move them along the ?? axis.
  3. The simple pilot figure can be turned on or off.

Black Rock Laboratory Model User Guide

Putting Supercar into the Lab

The scale of the lab is the same as that of Supercar; all that is required to position Supercar within the lab is to rotate it 45 degrees so that it lies diagonally across the lab floor.

Four Separate Walls

The objects are grouped in a reasonably logical way so that it is easy to hide complete walls. By default, the control room wall is hidden.

Roof Doors

You can rotate the roof doors to their open position (e.g. for animations) by rotating just about the Z axis.

Desert Background

On each side of the lab is a large rectangular plane with a stock image of the desert (from the COREL royalty free library). This can be displayed or hidden as appropriate. The DesertBG objects are within the Lights object group in the model.


The lighting scheme included is somewhat complex and needs explaining... The interior is lit by four main lights; 2 along the centre of the lab about 2/3 of the way up towards the roof doors, and 2 at the control room end of the lab which are used to light the front surfaces of Supercar in its normal position. There are 6 more lights in the balcony area to prevent the shadows there being too dark. There is one main exterior light to simulate sun shining through the right hand wall windows and a light is also placed over the roof doors to brighten the lab when the doors are open. Each of the desert background planes outside the windows of the lab is illuminated by a light. There is one further light in the control room so it can be seen into from the lab interior. You would probably have to add more lights to render interiors within the control room itself.


A couple of cameras are included as starting points for viewing the model.

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