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It is rumoured that top secret work is underway at a highly classified facility in New Zealand on a revision of the original Supercar technology - codenamed "Supercar 2000".

The project director in New Zealand is being assisted by an international team of specialists in Aeronautics, Flight Dynamics, Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Media.

We hope to bring you news of this exciting development as it becomes available.

"Seen in the early dawn skies over New Zealand for a fleeting moment, it would appear that the NZ 'Skunkworks' may have now "unofficially" flown a highly classified VTOL (Flight Sim model) craft exhibiting almost UFO-like tendencies with incredible manoeuvrability and speed achieving Mach 2.92 in a few seconds (in FS 98) from 100 ft MSL - 100,000ft MSL. Could this be the classified "Supercar 2000 project?" Reports will continue as they come to hand - " - NZ Reporter

From our correspondant in New Zealand -
It would now seem to be official that New Zealand IS testing an advanced high-speed high-altitude aircraft, which until now has eluded any attempt at verification.

Today (10-Feb-2000) however, that all changed. At 04:32 am local time, this remarkable photograph from a satellite over the Pacific snapped this "amazing craft" as it sped past at high speed.

Radar tracking at Pine Gap in Australia were hesitant to comment, but did confirm that the craft was difficult to track on radar but HAD originated from New Zealand air space, reaching over 100,000 ft within literally seconds and travelling well into the stratosphere (beyond 200,000 ft), at over Mach 2.9. It then turned and descended towards Auckland, NZ at astonishing speed while again exhibiting what can only be described as "UFO-ish" manoevers.

It is not known whether the close flyby past the satellite was deliberate or accidental. However, the New Zealand research base remains totally quiet on the subject, but issued a polite and smiling "no comment" to this reporter when queried on the satellite photo.

.................. PRESS RELEASE - CLASSIFIED News is just coming in that yesterday, 3rd September 2000, the Royal Australian Airforce were scrambled to intercept an unidentified aircraft entering Australian airspace.

The "blip" was tracked over Sydney at Mach 4.51(2,666 kts) at an altitude of 95,000 ft. It slowed briefly to Mach 0.95, allowing the Airforce's Supersonic F/A-18 Hornet's to briefly catch up when they snapped this image. It then rocketed away at incredible speed on a heading towards New Zealand.

NORAD Defense in the USA were also put on high alert today after they tracked an identical unidentified aircraft entering US airspace. The "aircraft" was heading at similar speed toward Black Rock, Nevada. An SR71 Blackbird was scrambled to identify the mysterious aircraft, but it was too fast for even the Blackbird to keep up. Based on tracking data, the unidentified aircraft also appears to have originated from the direction of New Zealand in the South Pacific, some 6000 nautical miles away.

The unidentified aircraft in both cases is believed to be the TOP SECRET Supercar 2000 prototype. Neither the CIA, NORAD or Airforce staff would comment any further.

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