Space: 1999  Eagle Launch
(c) 1999 Dean A. Scott

Click on the images below to download.  The full 50 second animation
had to be split in two because I used the XingMpeg demo encoder
which has a 30 second limit.  The first half shows the Eagle being
elevated into place, the gangway docking, and a bird's eye view of
the full launch pad as another Eagle flies by.  The second half shows
the gangway separating and the actual lift-off with full thruster
action including a bit of dust kickup and maneuvering rocket usage.

First half of Mpeg1 animation

Second half of Mpeg1 animation 1.2MB
Created using NewTek, Inc. Lightwave 3D 5.6
contact author via mail link on the Silicon Magic website.
Mpeg Details:  320 x 240, 30 fps, 400 kbps data rate compression, video only 
The full 50 second animation in one QuickTime file, complete with authentic Space: 1999 sound effects added by Roberto Baldassari. Be forewarned that this version is held offsite at the Space:1999 Cybrary, is over 5 MB in size and takes considerable time to download. Click here for the sound effects version.