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Development of secret synthetic oils and fuels for Supercar.

Newsflash .... 4-Dec-98

During this week's Space Station assembly shuttle mission to add the Unity Docking Node to the orbiting Russian-Built Functional Block, it appears that NASA and the USAF will conduct a secret demonstration of a new rescue device.

Rumours have persisted for some decades that the US Air Force have been funding the development of a small high performance rescue vehicle at a deserted location in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Occasional glimpses of the craft have been reported, and some UFO reports are attributed to its amazing characteristics. The press have termed the vehicle "Supercar". Now an artists rendering of the proposed shuttle link up demonstration appears to confirm that such a craft does exist.

The mission this week will apparently involve a link up between the Supercar using a small portable and extendable air lock and the shuttle. A docking is planned to occur before the Unity Node is delivered for Space Station Assembly.

NASA declined to comment ... ;-)

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