Search & Rescue Project (1995/6)

Project Sponsors

    Defence Research Agency (DRA) Farnborough, UK
    Working with RAF Pitreavie Search and Rescue Cordination Centre.

Project Summary

The Search & Rescue project has two principal objectives:
  1. to develop a generic approach, with appropriate tools to assist in reliable capture of knowledge related to planning, scheduling and resource allocation in the search & rescue domain,
  2. to validate the approach by building a demonstrator system.

The project was undertaken by AIAI and the AI Group at the University of Nottingham.

Project Papers

  • Shadbolt, N. Cottam, H., Tate, A. and Beck, H. Initial Proposal Document: Acquiring and using planning Knowledge for search and Rescue.
  • Cottam, H., Shadbolt, N., Kingston, J., Beck, H. and Tate, A Knowledge Level Planning in the Search and Rescue Domain Proceedings of Expert Systems 95 Conference, Cambridge, 1995. [ PDF File ]
  • Kingston, J., Shadbolt, N. and Tate, A. CommonKADS Models for Knowledge Based Planning AAAI, 1996. [ PDF File ]
  • Cottam, H. and Shadbolt, N. Knowledge Acquisition for Search and Rescue, Proceedings of Tenth Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop (KAW-1996), Banff, Canada, November, 1996. [ HTML File ]

Project Personnel

    AI Group, University of Nottingham:
    Prof. Nigel Shadbolt, Hugh Cottam
    AIAI, University of Edinburgh:
    Prof. Austin Tate, Mr. John Kingston
    UK Search and Rescue Coordination Centre, Pitreavie
    Squadron Leader W. Gault

Search & Rescue Resources

Sea Rescue: UK Search and Rescue of downed airmen by a Sea King helicopter [Photo by Austin Tate]

Sea Rescue: UK Combat Rescue at Sea by a Lynx helicopter over a Royal Navy P2000 fast patrol boat [Photo by Austin Tate]

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