Processes, Events and Activity Collaborative Research Programme (PEA Pod)

PEA Pod is an Informatics Collaborative Research Programme in the representation and reasoning about plans, processes, events and activity.

Ripening PEA Pod Events

The next workshops are to be on the following topics:

Mature PEA Pod Events

PEA Pod Description

The representation and reasoning with and about plans, processes, events, activity and behaviour is a common theme that is being explored by almost every Institute within Informatics and in related areas within the University. A wide range of approaches and techniques are being employed. This collaboration is to help exchange experience between the various groups and approaches.

This collaborative research programme is intended to provide an informal platform for Edinburgh researchers and their friends to exchange their research work and experiences in plan, process, event and activity representation, modelling, reasoning and experiences of using them in a range of applications. We plan to have a series of mini-workshops as a framework for encouraging the activities of the group, and to invite members to attend relevant seminars and discussions across the various Institutes with research interests in the area. The group will encourage joint work, joint student supervision, seek collaborative research opportunities, engage together in internal and external workshops and conferences, and encourage joint industrial links and consultancy opportunities.

Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to) the following:

The group will also interface to a number of external collaborations and standards activities concerning the research area. These include:

PEA Pod Coordinators

PEA Pod Mailing List

The group can be e-mailed at peapod @ aiai.ed.ac.uk. The list is maintained by Austin Tate. Mail him to be added to or removed from the list.

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