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Austin's First Thoughts on I-Ex

Here is a tidied up version of the notes I sent on what we now call I-Ex - unless some better name emerges.

We have an opportunity to have I-X systems going along with Rob Milne when he climbs Mount Everest this April/ May. As part of the publicity for him completing his lifetime's goal of climbing the 6 highest peaks on each continent, he will climb the final continent highest point... and the highest mountain of them all... Mount Everest this Spring. He wants to show some AI technology relevant to the mission, and his own interests as BCS Expert Systems and ECCAI Chairman. He is enthusiastic about this being I-X/IM-PACs. The technology will be easy... as they will have laptops and an Internet connection at Base Camp.. and Rob will be radioing progress to them there.. including the all important summit achievements, and the safe return to the lower camps on the mountain side. A very simple way to show key stages as they are completed and to get a 'done' blue back in the UK for publicity purposes when Rob completes his 6 mountain achievement could be very neat... and fit with ideas of search and rescue support story we might have as back fill.

Basically, the whole package from us could be considered as an I-X Expedition Support Pack and we would create the nicely tailored logos and so on for it to be used on Mount Everest. We could do with a very nice map of the area around Mount Everest for several levels of maps as Gerhard did for me in Co-OPR too. Stephen might know where we can get some decent ones? (Resources) We would also try to feed status and progress information the expedition web site if that is appropriate via e-mail, or direct entries by maintaining a suitable page or link from their site to us.

Our aim is to use this to get publicity for I-X, the POC support to us, our commercial aims in taking this out for real use, and for AI in general through Rob.

For the full story from us... only part of which would actually be used on Mount Everest.. I have in mind 4 aspects using I-X...

  1. mountaineer handheld version (possibly with GPS position feed which I really want to see at some stage) on both a Pocket PC (might be easiest) and a Palm with IBM Java websphere which is available for the Tungsten T5s we have from 17-Dec. Imagine that's carried by the mountaineer for safety and expedition reporting. We have this planned as the next complimentary technology study including buying a GPS system for experiments... if Stephen especially is interested in that aspect. In fact Rob would not carry this to the summit due to weight limitations.
  2. the base camp reporting system. connected to the rest of the systems via jabber.
  3. a UK Expedition HQ system for keeping the press and others who are interested informed.. In fact this would run at AIAI... it would be great if we could link updates from it to a be site for the real expedition... if not we would post updates at our own web site.. .. using some development of Stephen's Coakting app 'publish' code.
  4. Subscriber systems - possibly gathered as a 'group' of 'contacts' that are informed when key stages occur, so their own versions of the panels 'light up'.

You will not have failed to see that these 4 levels are quite generic in expeditions or all kinds - not just mountaineering. And this lends itself well to safety and rescue aspects linked in with such expeditions.

The panel contents would have Rob's

and an outline SOP for one climb would be somethig realsitic ... but here is a quick idea of something minimal...

But I am sure that Stephen and Gerhard between them can make something more interesting and relevant... only a few key milestones would actually be reported in the expedition though in practice.

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