CoSAR-TS - Coalition Search and Rescue - Task Support
Briefing for Mark Greaves, DARPA DAML PM, 16-Jul-2003


CoSAR-TS is funded by the DARPA DAML Program. The project began in January 2003 and will last for 36 months.

The Objective is to study and develop a demonstrator for Task Support in a realistic Coalition Search and Rescue scenario to show the value of linking research at AIAI work on I-X Task Support with IHMC work on KAoS Agent Domain and Policy Management concepts. DAML representatations, and DAML-S descriptions of agents and services will be utilized. eedback to the DAML-S development community will be provided. The project involves:

  • AIAI, University of Edinburgh
  • IHMC
  • BBN Technologies

CoSAR-TS Deliverables and Other Outputs

  • Deliverable D1.1: Report entitled "Applying DAML Languages and Ontologies in CoSAR-TS", Stuart Aitken and Austin Tate, 23-Jun-2003. [PDF Format]
    DAML: Ontology, Services and Rules - presentation by Stuart Aitken, AIAI on 29-Jan-2003 (updated 25-Feb-2003) at Appleton Tower, Edinburgh [PDF Format]
  • Deliverable D2.1: I-X Process Panels Version 3.1 Release 27-Jun-2003. Download of main release and additional CoSAR-TS application files here.
  • Deliverable D4.1: DAML-PI Meeting, 8-Apr-2003, Miami, Florida. Presentation and Demonstration. Including Screen Movie Presentation. Materials here.
  • Deliverable D5.1: Austin Tate speaking on I-X and CoSAR-TS at IHMC (3-Apr-2003 55 minutes) [Abstract, Quicktime format]
  • Deliverable D5.2: Information to DARPA IXO (Bob Tenney and Murray Burke) on ontologies for plan sharing between US and NATO ATOs.
  • Deliverable D5.3: Semantic Web for Military Users Workshop, 7-May-2003, Washington, D.C. Presentation and Demonstration. Including Screen Movie Presentation. Materials here.
  • Deliverable D5.4: Input to Semantic Web Services Initiative (SWSI) Language Committee
  • Publications (since 1st January 2003).
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"Traffic Lights" Summary

Coalition Search and Rescue demo progress Yes Green Ahead of plan
I-X Version 3.1 software Yes Green More functionality than planned
Link policy management and task support Yes Orange Only simple scheme explored to date
Use of realistic SAR knowledge base No Red Not included in reduced project scope
Integration with other DAML Project results No Green CMU Matchmaker, CMUNotifyer and SONAT ENP
Input to standards ? Green DAML-S/SWSI
Transfer Results ? Orange 7-May-2003 D.C Workshop and others
FY03 Finances $140K Green Spend on profile to June 2003
FY04 Finances $85K Orange $55K extra sought
FY03 Finances $35.5K Red $104.5K extra sought

Sea Rescue: UK Search and Rescue of downed airmen by a Sea King helicopter [Photo by Austin Tate]

Land Rescue: The US HH-60G's primary wartime mission is combat search and rescue, infiltration, exfiltration and resupply of special operations forces in day, night or marginal weather conditions. [US Air Force Photo Gallery]

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