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Binni - Coalition Command & Control Scenario

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The Binni Scenario has been prepared by Dr. Tony Rathmell <> of DSTL Malvern as part of the work of TTCP in Coalition Command & Control R&D. The materials here have been approved for public release.

Binni Countries Binni Location
Binni NIMA Map Binni CoAX Scenario


Rathmell, R.A. (1999) A Coalition Force Scenario 'Binni - Gateway to the Golden Bowl of Africa', in Proceedings of the International Workshop on Knowledge-Based Planning for Coalition Forces, (ed. Tate, A.) pp. 115-125, Edinburgh, Scotland, 10th-11th May 1999.
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Original scenario documents and maps by Tony Rathmell, DSTL Malvern, and TTCP working group member. Further material supplied by Patrick Beautement, QinetiQ, Malvern, UK and Jens Jensen, USPACOM, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.

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