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A range of web resources for work within and beyond ARPI that relates to a common plan, activity or process representation is available at here. This includes the ARPI work on KRSL 2.0.2, KRSL-Plans and within the Plan Ontology Construction Group.

Plan Ontology Construction Group

A document written on 3-Jul-96 by Austin Tate to provide input to ARPI work on shared plan representations within the ARPI ISAT Initiative Support project is available at http://www.aiai.ed.ac.uk/~arpi/ACPT/ontology-c2.html. This includes the following context for plan, activity and process representations in ARPI and the JFACC Air Campaign Planning application.

There are three types of plan representation or model we can draw on, and they are related.

At the May 1996 Annual Workshop of the DARPA/Rome Laboratory Planning Initiative (ARPI) in Edinburgh, the ARPI Plan Ontology Construction Group (POCG) defined a framework for developing the various terminology bases for Air Campaign Planning work in ARPI. The model is as follows:

ARPI SWAT Team A Report - 1994

ARPI SWAT Team A spoke with participants in ARPI to analyse the successes and failures in phases 1 and 2 of ARPI. In its report in 1994 it said:

Comments elicited by SWAT Team A from ARPI participants that related to KRSL 2.0.2 and the efforts on an ARPI Common Plan Representation were:

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