Technology Profile: I-X Process Panels

Web homepage: and

Developers: Austin Tate, Jeff Dalton, Stephen Potter and Jussi Stader

Owner: AIAI, The University of Edinburgh

Addresses KM Challenge(s): (Process Knowledge) Acquisition, Modelling, Reuse

Builds on other technologies: AI Planning, Workflow, Java, HTML, XML, Jabber. Interoperable with: BuddySpace, Compendium

What's the Problem?

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Towards a Solution

The aim of an I-X Process Panel (I-P2) is to act as a workflow, reporting and messaging "catch all" for its user. It can act in conjunction with other panels for other users if desired.

Can take ANY requirement to:

Deals with these via:

Receives reports and messages and, where possible, interprets them to:

Copes with partial knowledge.

Anatomy of a Process Panel
      Anatomy of an I-X Process Panel

<I-N-C-A> Model
An I-X Process Panel supports a user or collaborative users in selecting and carrying out "processes" and creating or modifying "process products". Both processes and process products are abstractly considered to be made up on "Nodes" (activities in a process, or parts of a process product) which may have parts called sub-nodes making up a hierarchical description of the process or product. The nodes are related by a set of detailed "Constraints" of various kinds. A set of "Issues" is associated with the processes or process products to represent unsatisfied requirements, problems raised as a result of analysis or critiquing, etc. Processes and process products in I-X are represented in the <I-N-C-A> (Issues - Nodes - Constraints - Annotations) Model of Synthesised Artifacts.

I-X Tools

I-X Process Panel and Tools
     I-X Process Panel and Tools

As well as the Process Panel Window itself, a number of additional tools are provided accessible via a tools menu or through context dependent action menus.  These include:

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The current release and documentation is available via Version 2.4 available February 2003 runs over Jabber without further software or tailoring.

Technical requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP or Unix/Linux/MacOS X, Java Runtime Environment 1.3/1.4 (1.4-only planned from mid-2003).

Example Applications

CoAX - 3 Sample Panels
CoAX - 3 Sample Panels

CoAX - Coalition Agents eXperiment (DARPA CoABS, USA):
CoAKTinG - Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid - EPSRC/e-Science, UK):
CoSAR-TS - Coalition Search and Rescue - Task Support (DARPA DAML, USA):
I-Rescue - PhD Student Projects (Brazil):

Further Reading

Key document: 

Tate, A., Dalton, J. and Stader, J. (2002)  "I-P2 - Intelligent Process Panels to Support Coalition Operations", Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Knowledge Systems for Coalition Operations (KSCO-2002), Toulouse, France, 23-24 April 2002. Available at:

Other relevant documents:

Tate, A., Dalton, J., Stader, J., Potter, S. and Chen-Burger, J. (2003) I-X Process Panels - User Guide, AIAI, University of Edinburgh.

Dalton, J. (2003) I-X Process Panels - Developer Guide, AIAI, University of Edinburgh.
last updated: 31 Jan 2003