Edinburgh AKTive Portal Work


The intention of the AKTive Portal work is to demonstrate how Semantic Web ideas may be realised through the use of complementary tools that have been developed by the collaborating partners of the AKT project.
Currently this is based around a team-building scenario, in which an EPSRC (say) co-ordinator is set the task of identifying and co-ordinating members of the UK computer science community who are relevant for inclusion in a working party or research team that is being established to address some particular issue. The criteria for inclusion in this team will vary and may include, for example, research interests, grade, geographical location, and publication record of candidates. The aim of the demonstration application is to provide intelligent assistance to the co-ordinator; central to this goal is the retrieval of appropriate information and its presentation in an appropriate manner.

The following services are thought necessary with some form of open architecture:



21 Feb 03 (11am)
Scenario, v 0.1
01 Mar 03
Scenario, v 0.2
17 Mar 03
Town Meeting (and Scenario, v 1.0)
01 Apr 03
Interface, v 0.1
01 May 03
Interface, v 0.2
01 Jun 03
Summer Meeting (and Final Version of Portal)
15 Jul 03