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2006 XAIAI gathering:


Location: Cloisters Bar, Tollcross, Edinburgh,

Date: Thu 9th November – from 6pm onwards

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AIAI Alumni Contact Information





Phone/Other Info 

Gail Anderson

ga (at)

Cley Limited


Ruth Aylett

ruth (at)

Professor of Computer Science

Mathematics and Computer Science

Heriot-Watt University

Edinburgh EH14 4AS, UK

Tel: 44-131-451-4189    

Fax: 44-131-451-3327

 Updated: Dec 18, 2004

Howard Beck



Updated: July 2003

Diana Bental

diana (at)

Heriot Watt University


Pauline Berry

berry (at)

SRI International ,

Updated: Oct 2005

Andy Bowles

andy.bowles (at)



Deirdre Burke

Deirdre (at)

Administration and Information Worker

Scottish Women's Convention

26 Albany Street (Basement)

Edinburgh, EH1 3QH

Tel: 0131 557 8950

Fax: 0131 558 3532


Staff page:

Former secretary, updated: Feb 2005.

Eleanor Bradley




Tim Bradshaw

tfb (at)



Johann Bryant

Johannb (at)

School of Informatics Computing Support

Updated: July 2003

Jay Buckingham

jay (at)

Infinity Internet,

Updated: Oct 2005

Rebecca Carr

rebecca.carr (at),

rebecca.carr (at)

ECCM, Edinburgh Technology Transfer Centre
Kings Buildings, Mayfield Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JL

Forestry Consultant
Tel: 0131 661 6222
Fax: 0131 472 4758
Updated 18/7/2001

Andrew Casson-du Mont

a.casson-dumont (at)



Professor Paul Chung

P.W.H.Chung (at)

Computer Science, Loughborough University

Updated 2/10/2000

Bridget Clyde

info (at)

Stock Shot


Ken Currie

kwc (at)

Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University


Jennie Douglas

jendouglas77 (at)


Previous AIAI Institute secretary

Roberto Desimone

rdesimone (at)

Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA)


Jim Dohney

jdoheny (at), DohenyJ (at),

Jim.Doheny (at),

Jdoheny (at)


  Updated: 2006

Brian Drabble

drabble (at)

CIRL , Target Systems

updated: July 2003

Mark Drummond

med (at)

Electric Time Software


Tim Duncan

timd (at)

timd (at) (?)



Ian Filby

I_Filby (at)

Royal Bank of Scotland

Updated: July 2003

Olga Franks



Retired, Updated: 2006

John Fraser

J.Fraser (at)

International Teledemocrary Centre, Napier University

Updated: July 2003

Isobel Haggard



Former bookkeeper, updated: July 2003

Tracey Ahidar

TraceyH (at) 

 Pilgrim Systems

Mother of Leila and Ismael.

Former: Tracey Haldane.

Updated: September 2006.

Anja Haman

anjahaman (at)

At Large Media,

Former PhD student, Updated: July 2003

Ian Harrison

harrison (at)

SRI International


Natalie Honeyman

natalie.honeyman (at)

Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Edinburgh

Updated 10/10/2000

Bert Hutchings

bert.hutchings (at)


Updated: Nov 9, 2005

Professor Jim Howe

jim.howe (at)


Updated: Feb 2004

Robert Inder

robert (at)

Interactive Information Limited

Updated 18/7/2001

Peter Jarvis

PeterAjarvis (at)

NASA Ames Research Center

Left SRI in May 2004,

Ken Johnson

Tibco Education

Senior education consultant, personal web site at:

Updated: Sep 2006

Cathryn Jones

 cathryn (at) (?)


Proud mother of Jack!

Yannis Kalfoglou


Department of Computer Science, The University of Southampton.


Previous AIAI PhD Student, Updated Nov 2003.

John Kingston

J.Kingston (at)

Director, Joseph Bell Centre for Forensic Statistics and Legal Reasoning,

Updated: July 2003

Richard Kirby

rbk (at), or rbk (at)

Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University,
CAPDM Limited

Challenge 2000 Crew Volunteer

Leslie Kiss

lkiss (at)



John Levine

John.Levine (a)

Senior Lecturer 

Department of Computer and Information Science

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow


Terri Lydiard

Terri_Lydiard (at)



Ann Macintosh

a.macintosh (at)

Director of International Teledemocracy Centre (ITC)

Tel: 455-2421, 455-2545, Updated May 2002

Erna Meikle



Former bookkeeper, updated: July 2003

Gillian MacDonald

Gillian.MacDonald (at)


Updated: 10/11/2006

David Montgomery

D.Montgomery (at)

Deputy Director of Finance, Finance Department, University of Edinburgh,

Updated: 4/10/2005

Gillian Mutch

G.I.Mutch (at)

Open University


David Parry

Davidp (at)



Steve Polyak

spolyak (at)


Previous PhD Student, Updated 9/10/2000

Professor Peter Ross

peter (at),

pross (at)

of Computing

Room: D34, Napier University, Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road, EDINBURGH, EH10 5DT
Tel No (Internal): 2766
Tel No (External): 0131 455 2766


School of Computing, Napier University

Updated 10/10/2000

Robert Rae

robert (at)

Updated: Feb 2004

Ann Reid



Former senior secretary, married to Mark Drummond, now in California. Updated: July 2003.

Lea Ruscio



Former MSc student of AIAI. Updated: July 2003

Arthur Seaton

seatona (at)

Royal Bank of Scotland

Proud father of Jack!

Julian Smart (at),

julian (at)

Anthemion Software


Richard Tobin

richard (at)


 Updated: July 2003

Jonathan Tonberg

jont (at)



Mike Uschold

michael.f.uschold (at)



Richard Wheeler

richard.wheeler (at)


Updated: 2006

Paul Wilk

francis (at)

AI Solutions


Xindong Wu

xwu (at)

Dept of Computer Science, University of Vermont

Former PHD student, Updated: July 2003




Phone/Other Info 

The information was originally taken from, but since then this page has been updated over the years. If you would like to have this page updated, please contact Last updated: 10/11/2006.



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