type Software Instance
Description A scholarly support environment, allowing researchers to fully investigate their particular research field. Using principles of the Semantic Web, the scholar's domain is conceptualised and the Eskimo system is able to reason over the Scholar facts and answer complex questions. Information was semi-automatically harvested from the ACM digital library (the hypertext conference series), recorded in RDF format. This provides the schema for the data. Several inference languages including Prolog, SilRI, were used to provide reasoning services. The type of services provided was based on a user evaluation and included questions such as who are the experts, who collaborates with this person, what are the similar papers, and where are the significant research groups.
Software Type research tool
Designer Simon Kampa
Developer Simon Kampa
Development Status finished
IPR Owner Simon Kampa
Published Place available on request
Main Research Area Semantic Web and Hypertext,
Relevant Research Area
Cross References The design of Eskimo was influenced by OntoPortal.
Source Provider(real world) Simon Kampa