Integration Experiments on Ontology Mediated Natural Language Based Extraction and Generation from/to Web Pages
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Description This a part of AKT Work. AKT project supports ArtEquAKT. This is a joint piece of work between Equator Project and AKT project. The equator project investigates the relationships between digital and physical realities. ArtEquAKT is to automatically generate biographies of artists directly from content of the web. Various publications have already been generated (3+). It has also lead to an European Union funded project, Sculpteur. Component Technologies: are the integration of search engineer, NL techniques to harvest content from the Web against the reference ontology that describe important information about artists. It also uses NL generation techniques to generate a NL Web Page.
Actor Nigel Shadbolt
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Main Research Area Search Engine, Natural Language Techniques, Natural Language Generation, Syntactic and Semantics Parsing, Ontologies
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Source Provider(real world) Nigel Shadbolt
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