MnM v2.0
type Software Instance
Description MnM is an annotation tool for populating Ontologies. It is an ontology based tool. Tools, such as Web Onto and OKBC and Ontologies written in RDF, DAML-OIL, OWL, OKBC may communicate with MnM via its plug-ins. It also has plug-ins for different kinds of information extraction engines, such as Amilcare and the UMASS tools.
Software Type academic tool
Designer Mattia Lanzoni
Developer Mattia Lanzoni
Development Status on-going
IPR Owner Mattia Lanzoni, KMI, Open University
Published Place Version 1 is available for AKTors only.
Main Research Area Semantic Web Area
Relevant Research Area Ontologies, Information Retrieval, Information Extraction
Cross References
Source Provider(real world) Mattia Lanzoni