Knowledge Based Multi-perspective Framework For Enterprise Modelling
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Description Yun-Heh Chen-Burger. The 17th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI, Knowledge Management and Organizational Memories Workshop and its proceedings at Seattle, Washington, August 2001. Also available as Informatics Report Series, University of Edinburgh, EDI-INF-RR-0037, Feb 2001.
Publication Type article
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Author Yun-Heh Chen-Burger
Published Date August 2001
Published Place IJCAI
Main Research Area Process Modelling, Knowledge Modelling, Multi-Perspective Modelling
Relevant Research Area Business Process Modelling, IDEF3, PSL, Workflow Management, Business Modelling, BSDM, Formal Method, Enterprise Modelling, Collaborative (Web-based) Knowledge Management
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