Software Instance
type Software Instance
Description This instance records information about a tool or software system.
Software Type The type of the software, e.g. expert systems.
Designer Persons that designed the system.
Developer Persons that developed the system.
Development Status The current development status of the software, e.g. design phase, building phase, testing phase, experimental version, evaluation version, Alpha or Beta version, commercial product. It may also be used to indicate the "intention" of current software, e.g. finished, on-going.
IPR Owner The IPR owner of the software.
Published Place Where this software may be acquired, e.g. the relevant URL or the person to contact.
Main Research Area The main research area that this publication is focused upon.
Relevant Research Area The relevant research area of this publication.
Cross References Points of reference to other relevant nodes on the map, e.g. other relevant activities, publications or software systems.
Source Provider(real world) The person or document that provides the necessary information for constructing this node.