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AKT Research Map Ontology

Introduction to Ontology 

The AKT Research Map Ontology 

This is the ontology taxonomy that the AKT Research Map is based upon. 

This ontology is built upon various upper ontologies that it shows the relevant parts of such ontology where they connect. 

Those upper ontologies are:

1. AKT Support Ontology 
2. AKT Portal Ontology
3. AKT Extension Ontology

It also makes references to the underlying ontology of OWL, RDF and RDFS. 

Based on the class "Research Area" (and its instances) provided in the AKT Portal Ontology, the AKT Research Map ontology adds new Research Area Instances that have been provided by the domain experts during the knowledge acquisiton phase. The providers of these research instances are recorded so can be traced back. Those research area instances are being used to describe the domain expert's knowledge expertises. 

In addition, it is implied that as far as the AKT Res Map is concerned, those ontological instances of class "Research Area" are the complete set of "enumerated" instances of the class "Research Area".   That means when the research map wants to refer to a particular research area, this research area must already be recorded in the ontology (as an instance of the class "research area"). Otherwise, a new instance must be created before it is used in the AKT Res Map. 

The ontology also added new classes and their relationships that are the modelling primitives of the modelling language used to build AKT Research Map, the Activity Evolution Map. 

Jessica Chen-Burger
The University of Edinburgh
Aug 2003

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