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An Introduction to AKT Research Map v2.0

The AKT Research Map describes research activities that have been carried out within the AKT
project and the progress and relevant information about these activities. The AKT project comprises five universities: The University of Aberdeen, The University of Edinburgh, The Open University, the University of Sheffield and the University of Southampton. 

The building of the AKT map is an on-going effort. It was initially carried out by a modeller who plays the role of a facilitator with the help of members of AKT who act as domain experts to supply relevant research information for their activities. It is the plan that every AKT member will take ownership of their own individual maps and can update the map as they wish with or without the help of a modeller.

An introduction to the notations that has been used to construct AKT research map is given in the "Introducing Notations of the AKT Research Map". An UML class diagram depicts the class hierarchy of the notation, "UML Class Diagram for Notations for AKT Research Map."

The AKT Research Map is composed of many individual maps. An individual map normally describes one researcher's activity, but it may describe one or more researcher's activities when appropriate. Individual maps are connected through nodes and relationships between the nodes in them. Those individual maps when viewed together tells the story of AKT activities and constitutents of the AKT project.

The AKT Research Map is in respect to the AKT Reference Ontology. Concepts that are relevant to the AKT Map are included in the Ontology for the map, e.g. the Research Area and Publication
sub-trees and other relevant concepts such as data types, relations and temporal concepts.  The AKT Reference Ontology includes two parts:

      - The AKT Support Ontology
      - The AKTive Portal Ontology

The ontology that is included is up to date. It includes The AKT Support Ontology v1.0 and The AKTive Portal Ontology v2.0.  The AKT Reference Ontology has also been extended by AKT members when it is needed to describe their research in more accurate terms. They often appear as new research areas as specialised sub-research areas.

Appreciations and thanks go to many of the AKT research fellows and professors who are very kind to offer their time and support to help build the AKT Research Map. Their names are appeared on the title of each of the individual map and therefore not listed here.

Jessica Chen-Burger
The University of Edinburgh
Feb 2003